This is Stone Fairy.

Stones heal and hold us. The stones follow us and give us energy. The history of the world cut into the rocks and the life stones can change our destiny.

Stone Fairy – my story

A long time ago I came upon a fortune teller, who told me after examining my hand palm for a while, that I will become a person, who is going to do something different in life. They also warned me to be careful, by telling me to have special abilities, that could turn out to be a major turning point in my life. That fact seriously scared me at the time. How can these kinds of people even see anything?  Well, if its square- it can’t possibly be round that they claim. As a young girl I didn’t take it seriously and on the inside i was giggling- alright, it was a good joke, but you can’t really take those witches seriously, can you. I went to another person, who waved with hands, burned paper and mumbled by themselves. Strange people- why are they doing like this and what is even going on? Did those people escape from the asylum, are they mentally unstable or is there really something, that I never knew about? I left with mixed feelings at the time and moved on with my life.
The will of Fate wanted me to meet a person like this again. I had a really serious health problem. I took loads of medications, that always made me feel sick. I went to many hospitals dozens of times, but the disease worsened every day and there was a risk of me remaining partially immobilized. Operation was my last chance, but I was too frightened of it, because I would’ve had horrible pain for the rest of my life in case of failure. I had seen people, who after failing operation like this could only live with strong painkillers and other preparations. In my last resort I went to many sensitives. I got some help from all of them, but my problem was still there. Maybe it was the God looking down from the sky, seeing my sufferings or was it a purely incidental coincidence, but I met a person who was different, he was optimistic about my problem. Since I had lost all the hope I could possibly have left, I thought, whatever is going to happen, it can’t get any worse.

As of today, I can say- yes, God exists and also there are some forces, that exist, that we don’t know anything about. It is hard to believe, but this man healed me with the stones. It took a lot of time and patience, but in the end, it was worth it- I got on my feet and threw the crutches into the corner. After a while I started living like a normal person. But then, I was still interested in how is it possible to heal a person with the stones and what kind of world is this? I wanted to know more about this topic, so after asking around for a while, I was able to commit into this kind of world. The interest deepened and suddenly the sensitive noticed that I have really warm hands and that I was a little bit different than other people. Because of that he stuck a pile of stones in front of me and told me to choose the stones that he was healing me with. The sensitive was positively surprised because of what I did- I chose the rocks that he used on me. Some stones felt cold to me, some felt warm- that’s why I chose the warm stones.

I was told to really commit into this world- I have something to give to the world. That was the moment, when I realized, that the fortune teller could have been right- I was laughing at it earlier, but now I realize, that the different world exists and only a few people can see and feel it. I asked to be his student, because this thing really started to interest me. I was his student for 2 years, and we were practicing every week. I had to acquire a lot of knowledge, and at some moment I thought that all of the information can’t fit into my head, but I did it, and I felt like I had graduated a university. One day he just told me- okay, this is it, now you are on your own. That’s when I started quietly, did my first steps and learned a lot by myself until I felt that I want to and need to take it more seriously. The years have given me a lot of experience and I feel good, when I’m able to help somebody.

What can stone therapy help?

The range of therapeutical possibilities is quite large and I am not even going to try to bring an exhaustive list of the problems that can be cured with stones. Here is some of them:

  • Back and neck aches
  • Allergic effects, neural diseases
  • Headaches, kidney problems
  • Stress caused by overwork
  • Stomach-aches and high blood pressure

Back and neck aches


Allergic effects, neural diseases


Headaches, kidney problems


Stress caused by overwork


Stomach-aches and high blood pressure

Stone therapy phenomena

I’ve been asked repeatedly, sometimes even several times a day, that how do stones cure people. How such amazing results were achieved. Many people don’t have access to the internet, many have no computer skills- that is why I am trying to explain the principles of stone treatment as simply, briefly and understandably as I can.

So, how exactly does the connection between stones and people work? How does the healing effect occur?

Frequently asked Questions

Should I take prescription drugs?
Taking medicines prescribed by a doctor is a personal matter for every person. I don’t have the right to speak here. When the preparation doesn’t suit for the person, then they can always change it by going to the family physician.
On what days do you work- even on the weekends?
Usually Saturdays and Sundays are the days off for me. Very rarely and exceptionally, I may accept Saturdays if people don’t have time at any other time. Also, I don’t work during one day of the week, because my housework needs to be done too.
Have there been surprises in your work?
There are, and very many. Sometimes I can’t even believe the results. I can’t explain many of the healing cases myself. I know, that the stones do miracles- that’s why I’m not worried at all. I let the Creator show the way, and He is the one, whose hand and leadership I constantly perceive.
Do the words witch, sorcerer, shaman bother you??
People can call me however they want. It doesn’t bother me at all! What is more important for me is whether the person gets help or not, can I alleviate their sufferings or not. The name doesn’t spoil the man!

Miraculous healings

There are as many diseases as there are people. I can’t say, that healers are like God in the sky, but still there are many problems, where the healers can contribute. Personally I have been exposed to many health issues, but time has shown that men have received bigger results, because they are more receptive and tender than women. The prostate and the associated loss of potential is the biggest issue for men. It is strange, but the energy that is coming from the stones can sometimes make wonders. I remember one senior client, who was complainig that his wife was younger than him, and because of that he had issues at home, because she was stern. It should be said that the man was already 70 but still strong and bright-eyed. After a few sessions, the man told me, that something has positively changed below the belt. In the end, his wife herself contacted me and wanted to thank me.
Men also have biggest problems with their backs. Since they do a lot of physical job, it is no wonder that this is the case. The main clients are remote drivers, taxi drivers, bus drivers. They sit many hours behing the steering wheel, and their backs go sweaty because of the summer heat. Then they jump out of the car, a light breeze comes and the problem is done. In this case, the stone treatment helps with maximum effectiveness. There have been so many cases that I don’t even remember all of them anymore.

The biggest problem for women is obesity, blood pressure, breasts, crossbones. The subtitle is miraculous healings, but it general it is really usual and self-explanatory, nothing like waking a person up from death.

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Stones heal and hold us.

The stones follow us and give us energy.

The history of the world cut into the rocks and the life stones can change our destiny.