The most important is stone bioenergy

I’ll tell you right now, that what is written on this page, is just my own opinion about certain things.

As you already know, rocks are my kind of thing, and that is what I would like to talk about right now.

As of right now, we have many precious stones available in our stores. There is no doubt that they have a healing effect, but in  reality- do they really, especially for us, Estonians? I’ll tell you in advance, that I’m talking about healing certain health issues with crystals. I do agree with the fact that certain semi precious and precious stones have magical energy, that deeply affect the human mind and soul in a positive way. At the same time, many crystals own energy, that attract money, fortune, love, well-being and much more.

There is no doubt that the precious stones are healing to the Arabs and other southern nations representatives, because they have been born in that environment and are more receptive about the rocks that are in their region.

There is no need to go far with the examples- there are no things that would affect everyone in the same way.

Why is that us, Estonians, consume foods that are mostly produced in Estonia? Everyone already knows the answer for this question. It’s no secret that consuming a lot of foreign substance foods can lead us to serious stomach issues. The exact same thing happens when foreigners eat a lot of our foods. The exact same thing is with the rocks-if you surround yourself with other stones that are not from our region, and you do it more than you should, then it can lead a person to serious health issues.

Domestic production is most useful to us, stones included. Me personally, I don’t own acquaintances, who would have surrounded their households with stones that are brought from abroad- everything they have is still native- stoves, heaters, gardens, fences!

You should be very careful when surrounding yourself with stones. There are many rocks outside, that could affect your health in very negative way. It will manifest itself a long time, you can feel symptoms like  headaches, nausea, or frequent stress conditions. Frequent fear in the house is the first symptom of a person having  negative energy in the household, even though there should be no reason to be afraid- home should be the safest place to be, yet there is some kind of discomfort, that takes power. One of the reasons for this could be the negatively charged stones around you.

People, who live in houses made of ash blocks should be worried the most, because it has proven a long time ago, that the ash, that the blocks were pressed together with, was radioactive. That was also the main reason, why such building material was removed from the production. The radioactivity makes its damage within years, not right away, and the knees and joints are the first thing that are affected by it. In case of a longer exposure you can see the change in blood consistency. In this case, healing with stones is needed, because it neutralizes the radiation and cures the lesions. Stones, that are charged positively make big miracles!

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Stones heal and hold us.

The stones follow us and give us energy.

The history of the world cut into the rocks and the life stones can change our destiny.