Frequently asked questions

Who do you recommend the most out of all the healers?

It is really hard to give an answer to this question. Even the healers are specialized in a specific field. Everyone is strong in their field. You should avoid healers, who ignore conventional medicine, setting themselves higher- it should be the main choice. It is also worthwhile to be extremely careful about the physical impact of your health (acupuncture, leeches, drugs etc.) These are situations where the human body is directly penetrated, either through the skin or mouth. Puncture wounds of the leeches and acupuncture will stay and there is no guarantee of sterility and safety for the body. The safest and most effective way to influence your body is with bio energy, it is worth looking at. True healer will never say that they can heal a person completely, because they will do their best, but the end result will, however, depend on the cooperation of the healer and the patient. When the person believes by themself, that they will heal, and thinks positively, then there is hope for healing. Coming to the healer must be voluntary and not forced. Many of us are called sorcerers, and the main reason for this is healers that don’t care about the person or their health, but something else.

Should I take prescription drugs?

Taking medicines prescribed by a doctor is a personal matter for every person. I don’t have the right to speak here. When the preparation doesn’t suit for the person, then they can always change it by going to the family physician.

Have there been surprises in your work?

There are, and very many. Sometimes I can’t even believe the results. I can’t explain many of the healing cases myself. I know, that the stones do miracles- that’s why I’m not worried at all. I let the Creator show the way, and He is the one, whose hand and leadership I constantly perceive.

What would be the conditions for coming to you?

The most important condition would be, that the person has to show up sober! It is really important to always call ahead and consult me- sometimes it can be a disease in which a person may not get help. Unfortunately, without informing me and without my consent I don’t want to accept anyone.

What kinds of diseases do the women come to you?

There have been many kinds of diseases. Most of the time, however, women have had problems with kidney pelvic inflammation, head, back, neck, bladder, and many other things. It wouldn’t be possible to list all of these problems. I would have never thought, that an average Estonian female has so many health problems. It is in the nature of the woman to not to complain to anyone about their problems , so that’s why sometimes it feels like women are much healthier then man. They will search for help only in their last resort.

On what days do you work- even on the weekends?

Usually Saturdays and Sundays are the days off for me. Very rarely and exceptionally, I may accept Saturdays if people don’t have time at any other time. Also, I don’t work during one day of the week, because my housework needs to be done too.

Do the words witch, sorcerer, shaman bother you?

People can call me however they want. It doesn’t bother me at all! What is more important for me is whether the person gets help or not, can I alleviate their sufferings or not. The name doesn’t spoil the man!

What tires you the most at your job?

Undoubtedly constant thinking and communication. Every person, who comes to the healer, tries to get as much information from them as possible. The repeated questions that have to be explained several times a day have become overly tiring.  Another group of people are those who really can’t help themselves and need constant support from the healer. I always try to help and support them as much as I can. In the third group there are people, who are able to call you even at midnight and feel the need to talk to you about many things, such as their pets health. Sometimes I feel like Mother Theresa. That’s why rubric like this is really good, because it gives answers to many questions that a person might have.

How’s it going lately?

It could always be better. I’ve learned a lot and have started to look at many things at a different glance. I am taking things more peacefully and  one stage at a time. Generally I am doing well, I can’t complain.

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