Stone therapy phenomen
I’ve been asked repeatedly, sometimes even several times a day, that how do stones cure people. How such amazing results were achieved. Many people don’t have access to the internet, many have no computer skills- that is why I am trying to explain the principles of stone treatment as simply, briefly and understandably as I can.

So, how exactly does the connection between stones and people work? How does the healing effect occur?

I’d like to start from the very beginning.

As you already know, human life and its quality are largely determined by the immune system.

Its weakening is the main reason of going to the doctor for many of us. In the worst case, some of us could go to the death angel because of it. There are many factors, that play role in this- surrounding environment, diet, habits, movement, alcohol, stress, heredity etc. Strange diseases start occurring, that one has ever seemed to complain about their existence before. Both men and women, who are full of vitality, often discover symptoms and unexpected health problems which come for them also as a surprise. It is great if a person gets help from medicines. Modern medicine has taken a big step forward and you can see, that scientists are not napping in their laboratories.

Often, conventional medicine has to admit its powerlessness to certain types of diseases, which is normal, because we are not living in the era where medicine is perfect, almighty. This is where the folk medicine comes in as an alternative- the same thing that our grandfathers and ancestors lived off from.

One form of folk medicine would be the stones. There are two types of stones- living and dead. It is really important to know how to distinguish these two. Dead stone has very poor thermal conductivity, so when you take it into your hands, it always seems cold. Living stone, however, reacts immediately and tries to reach the temperature where it is at that moment. This kind of rock is the best one for treatment, because it can deliver maximum energy in a short time. However, dead stones suit perfectly into places, where coolness or heat is needed- for example, a stove in sauna, because they get hot slowly, save a lot of energy and because of that, stay warm longer. On the contrary- cellars, ground base storage rooms, furnace substrates etc. Thermal conductivity plays a central role in the rocks. Rocks, that have bad thermal conductivity, are not suitable for tratment.However, they are good for removing phenomena, that is not eye-catching, not directly bodily but is caused by human beings.  I use them, but rarely. Thus the rocks fall into two categories- kinetic and potential energy carriers. As an explanation I am going to add that kinetic energy is flowing and giving, potential energy is stationary, saving and permanent.

Rocks with kinetic energy are the ones, that I use in my work. They are peculiar because when you charge them with solar energy or heat them lightly and do certain procedures with them, energy will be stored in the stones, and they will trigger their energy and power with maximum flow and speed during the treatment session. Especially for the immune system, that controls our entire body. I usually use solar energy from spring to autumn or until there’s enough sun, and in this case I’m using unheated stones. From the start of October I use fire energy, and that’s when I start using heated stones.  All of those actions depend on the type of disease. Fire energy is not suitable for every procedure, sometimes there is need to use  cosmic or solar-charged stones.
All of us have had fever. The rise in temperature is a defense reaction of the immune system against bacteria and viruses. When a tooth hurts, then you will put something warm into the spot where it hurts, and if it’s the right spot, then usually the pain goes away after a while. Inflammatory spots are always at elevated temperature in human body, and you can even feel them with your hands.  So, every diseased spot on human body or organism is associated with the rise of temperature. Heat is a strange thing, that comes hand in hand with our immune system. It is something that even the ancient people knew about and over the course of time it became a method of cure thanks to all of the observations and tests. The stones were perfect for that.

How do the stones exactly affect a persons health? The whole secret lies in the person itself and in the abilities, skills and techniques of the healer. Also, knowledge about the healing rocks is needed. Stone therapy is for waking up the hidden resources in body , it is forcing certain organs to participate in life activity.
It sounds a  bit mysterious, but in reality, the whole medical power is in the human itself.  There are absolutely all substances, ferments, hormones and other things in the human body to keep the health and physique in a good shape. In pharmacies, you can only find a hundredth of what we have in ourselves. Certain processed stones can transmit signals into the immune system, where they will indicate, that not all of the things are okay in the human body. The immune system will take the energy that comes from the stones as an alarm and starts looking for spots, that could cause the problem.  In practice, there have been many cases where a person comes with a certain problem, but something else, that’s less concerning, heals first and after that heals the problem that needed to be fixed. It’s quite easy to explain that- the organism chooses its priority object itself, in order to fix the following one. The more hidden problems, the harder it is to reach the goal.  Humans health could be compared with a car in some way- if you don’t fix one of the less important parts of the car, it starts breaking up another part and the another one something even more important. Human is no exception.

In conclusion- stones are forcing human immune system to work more actively and by doing that, it will heal itself. This is the phenomen of the stone therapy. 

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Stones heal and hold us.

The stones follow us and give us energy.

The history of the world cut into the rocks and the life stones can change our destiny.