The most important is stone bioenergy

One can claim that stone is a perfect building material and you can get it for free practically from everywhere. That may be so, but it is also a person’s conscious explanation of why he or she made something from the stone. The actual reason lies in something much deeper, somewhere in the corners of the human brain between subconsciousness and needs. Here’s an example from the animal world – an ill dog can unmistakably find the blade of grass he can chew. The same thing goes for cats. All animals find suitable plants and herbs for themselves which make them feel better and help to heal. A human being is not an exception.

In cooperation with his mind and subconsciousness a person chooses, depending on the environment and financial position, whether to live here or there, to breed or to die, even.

And again, people’s lives and their households are strongly connected to the stones. They may be oven stones, flintstones or slate. Each stone has a concrete influence on the human organism and each person, cooperating with his subconscious and conscious part of the brain, can find the best and the healthiest solutions for himself.

It was just a simple example of the coexistence of human beings and stones. But it is worth to know that apart from their sanative quality the stones function as energy batteries. These magical stones, if they are charged with certain bioenergy, can save and transmit the energy. It seems mystical and unbelievable, but it is true. The stones can be charged with bioenergy and these kinds of therapeutical procedures are amazingly effective. The phenomenon of stone therapy is quite simple – the stones must be heated up to a certain temperature, definitely with the woods and in certain conditions and vessels. Then the stones must be charged with the most important element – bioenergy – and the procedure may begin. I will keep my professional secrets to myself for now, but I can assure that with this method I can cure different bends, allergic effects, neural diseases, headaches, kidney problems, complaints of gastrointestinal tract and bladder, back and neck aches, stress caused by overwork, cysts, prostate problems, impotence, not to mention stomach-aches and high blood pressure. The range of therapeutical possibilities is quite large and I am not even going to try to bring an exhaustive list of the problems that can be cured with stones.

Finally, just another simple example. In the famous Estonian film, “Kevade” (based on the story of Oskar Luts) is a scene where an old apothecary lies inside the stove and cures himself on warm stones. That is the way that people have cured themselves for centuries, but nowadays we have forgotten good old methods of healing. From the earliest childhood, modern people have been taught to take medicines, but that cuts both ways – some are healed by them, some are destroyed.

All I can wish to you all – take care of yourself and stay healthy!

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Stones heal and hold us.

The stones follow us and give us energy.

The history of the world cut into the rocks and the life stones can change our destiny.